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The Stunning Main Port of Valencia - Spain

Cruises From Valencia

As the third largest city in Spain, Valencia has a lot to offer visitors. It is located on Spain’s eastern coast and has access to some of the country’s top beaches and coastline. Like much of coastal Spain, Valencia has a fascinating history with a large focus on trading. The city’s Old Town is the perfect place to learn more about Valencia’s rich history by visiting the abundance of museums, cathedrals, and the famous Silk Exchange. Throughout the Old Town, Valencia offers the true Mediterranean experience with narrow cobblestoned streets, open pedestrian squares, and lots of local cafes. Although Valencia loves to embrace its history, it’s also a modern city with colourful street art, a vibrant nightlife scene, bustling markets, and several science museums. The gorgeous weather and incredible food scene also add to the popularity of Valencia while visiting the Mediterranean. Valencia is the perfect place to try some classic Spanish dishes, such as seafood paella, tapas, churros, and sangria. No matter what your interests are, Valencia has something for you. With its authentic Spanish atmosphere, cruises from Valencia are the perfect way to begin your adventures around Europe.

Need to Know About Valencia Port

Cruises from Valencia are available on popular Mediterranean cruise line MSC Cruises. There is one route out of Port de Valencia, which lasts seven days and hits some of the Mediterranean’s top ports. Ports of call on cruises out of Valencia include Marseille, Genoa, Rome, Sicily, Sardinia, and Mallorca.

Port de Valencia is located about 5 kilometres (3 miles) east of the city centre. The most affordable way to reach the cruise ship terminal is by catching a bus from central Valencia. Several bus routes travel to the port, including routes 4, 15, 25, 30, and 95. Bus route 4 offers the most direct service from the Old Town of Valencia. Bus fare to the port costs €1.50 ($2.40 AUD). If you have a car in Spain and plan to drive to the port, several car parks are available close by. A parking garage on Carrer del Moll de la Duana offers the most convenient parking to the cruise terminal.

For a quick and hassle-free journey to your cruise on the morning of departure, you could choose to stay in a nearby hotel the night before. Several hotels are located near Port de Valencia and offer affordable rates, including Hotel Marina Atarazanas, Hotel Neptuno, Hotel Boutique Balandret, and Hostal Balcón al Mar.

Things to do in Valencia Before You Embark

La Lonja de la Seda

La Lonja de la Seda is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the heart of Valencia. Construction on the building began in 1482, and it was originally used as a place to trade silk. In fact, its name translates into English as the “Silk Exchange.” During that period in time, Valencia was known as one of the top trading ports in all of Europe. The building features a gorgeous Gothic architectural style that was popular in Spain at the time it was built. Inside La Lonja de la Seda, visitors can marvel at the intricate vaulted ceilings and spiral pillars in the main hall.

City of Arts and Sciences

This impressive and unusual attraction consists of several futuristic-style buildings and shining pools of water surrounding them. The City of Arts and Sciences features several interactive museums where visitors can learn about all different aspects of art and science. Some of the most popular attractions are a planetarium, an oceanographic park featuring more than 500 species of sea life, and an opera house that hosts regular shows. There is so much to see throughout the City of Arts and Sciences complex that it would be easy to pass an entire day there.

Valencia Cathedral

This impressive cathedral dates back to the 13th century and features a combination of gothic, Romanesque, and baroque architectural styles. What draws most visitors to the Valencia Cathedral is its Holy Chalice. This ancient cup is made of gemstones, and some people believe this is the Holy Grail that was used during the famous Last Supper. While visiting the cathedral, make your way up the Micalet Tower where you can see the cathedral’s main clock bell. From this tower, you can also enjoy a stunning view over all of Valencia.