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The Stunning Main Port of Tema


Accra stretches out along the Atlantic coast of Ghana before reaching inland. Once a center of the slave trade, some of the most noticeable structures are the European castles that line the coast. They stand in testimony of the tragedy. The Museum of West African History, currently in development with the Smithsonian Institution, has created an unforgettable experience of these structures.

Don t miss Cape Coast Castle, through which millions of slaves were shipped to the Caribbean and the United States through the Door of No Return. Find out more about the history of Ghana at the National Museum, where you can also view a small collection of Ghanaian fine art. Find a trinket or two at Makola Market, a picturesque open market or visit Accra Handicraft Market, the largest market for handicraft products in the country, including traditional musical instruments, cane and raffia products, jewelry and more.