Surabaya Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Surabaya

Just say the word "Java" and your imagination conjures up an oasis of mystical beauty and spiritual beliefs. Yes, it is true that Surabaya, East Java's provincial capital is the gateway to a world of wonders, it's also Indonesia's second largest city rich in modern conveniences, cultural charms and abundant history. Reverently called Kota Pablawan (City of Heroes), it's here that the battle for independence began in 1945. From batik making and bull riding in neighboring Madura to mesmerizing Majapahit ruins and impressive Dutch colonial buildings, this ages-old and brand-new city will never cease to impress.

Points of Interest

  • Sampoerna House
  • Bangkalan Museum
  • Bull Racing
  • Batik House
  • Trowulan Archeological Site
  • KRI Pasopati 410 & Submarine Monument
  • Majapahit Archeological Museum
  • Surabaya Zoo Surabaya Zoo