Suez Canal Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Suez Canal

Suez Canal, an artificial waterway running north to south across the Isthmus of Suez in northeastern Egypt; it connects the Mediterranean Sea at Port Said with Suez in the Gulf of Suez, an arm of the Red Sea. The canal, has no locks because the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez have roughly the same water level. The canal has a single traffic lane, with a number of passing bays.

It can accommodate huge vessels of 500 meters long, 70 meters wide and a draught of 70 feet.

The idea of a canal linking the Mediterranean to the Red Sea dates back to ancient times. More recently the Canal, which stretches 167 kms across the Egyptian desert, has been widened twice. Today, approximately 50 ships cross the canal daily, and the cities and beaches along the Bitter Lakes and the Canal serve as a summer resort for tourists.

The Suez Canal provides a vital transport link between Asia and Europe and is predominantly used by giant Oil Tankers, Container Ships and Cargo vessels.