Saint John (bay Of Fundy) Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Saint John (bay Of Fundy)

Saint John, Canada's oldest settlement is the gateway to the scenic wonders of New Brunswick. One of Canada's oldest provinces, New Brunswick remains remarkably unspoiled: 85 percent of the province remains unsettled. New Brunswick boasts vast forests, purling streams, gentle hills, rich farmlands, and a spectacular coastline dotted by historic towns. Nature also blessed the area with one of her most astonishing phenomena: the reversing River Rapids. The fierce tides of the Bay of Fundy rise with such force that they actually cause the St. John River to reverse direction and its waters to flow upstream. Saint John's history dates to 1604, when the Sieur de Champlain landed nearby on the feast day of Saint John the Baptist. After the American Revolution, American Loyalists flocked to the area. Saint John became a thriving industrial port. But the catastrophic fire of 1877, declining commerce and decades of neglect gave the town a sad and careworn look for decades. That changed in recent years. Redevelopment of the waterfront and the old district has restored Saint John's charm and its sense of history.

Points of Interest

  • Reversing Rapids
    Reversing Rapids is a series of rapids on the St. John River, a unique phenomenon caused by the tremendous tide in the Bay of Fundy, a 170-mile-long ocean bay on Canada's east coast.
  • Old City Market Old City Market
    The Old City Market is part of Canada's Family of National Historic Sites and is the oldest working farmer's market in Canada.
  • St. Andrews
    St. Andrews, a refined summer resort town, offers a bit of old New England and picturesque beauty. Founded by Loyalists in 1783, it's one of the oldest towns in the province.
  • Fundy National Park & Hopewell Rocks
    New Brunswick's first national park is located on the Bay of Fundy. Along the shores of the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy are Hopewell Rocks, rock formations caused by tidal erosion.
  • Saint John Heritage Area
    Trinity Royal, Saint John's Heritage Preservation Area, is a 20 block area that celebrates the city's 19th-century architectural legacy and features modern boutiques, antiques and restaurants.
  • Carleton Martello Tower
    The tower is a national historic site dating back to the War of 1812 with such highlights as a restored powder magazine and barracks room, and a spectacular view of Saint John and its harbor.
  • Bay of Fundy
    The Bay of Fundy boasts the world's most dramatic and dynamic coastline with the highest tides in the world. Each day, 100 billion tons of seawater flows in and out of the bay during one tide cycle.
  • St. Martins & Sea Cave
    East of Saint John, St. Martins is a village rich in shipbuilding history, with red cliffs, sea caves and a three-mile crescent beach where the tides of the Bay of Fundy sweep in and out daily.