Mazatlan Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Mazatlan

Set at the foot of the majestic Sierra Madre, this popular resort port on Mexico’s Pacific Gold Coast boasts long stretches of pristine beaches, historical attractions, an active marina and splendid sunsets. Shop the Zona Dorada, where wares from all over Mexico can be found. Stroll the Olas Altas as it curves around a turquoise bay or indulge in a variety of watersports from marlin fishing to sailing or snorkeling.

Things to see and do:

•Ginger's Bilingual Horses
•Patricia Belle - Sail Bandido
•Randi's Happy Horses
•The Lighthouse
•Cliff divers
•A graveyard
•Olas Altas Beach

The climate is transitional Tropical wet and dry in Mazatlán. The wet season (July to September) is short, very rainy, and very humid, in winter is very dry.