Mare Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Mare

Maré is a commune in the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. The commune of Maré is made up of Maré Island and the much smaller Dudun Island, which lie among the Loyalty Islands, to the northeast of New Caledonia's mainland. The settlement of Tadin, on Maré Island, is the administrative centre of the commune of Maré.

Life's a beach on Mare, set between towering limestone cliffs and water so blue it looks fake. (We promise, it's real.) Squint out over the lagoon and you might just spot a dolphin or a dugong playing on the reef. You'll also see colours in the water unlike anywhere else in the world due to the amazing water clarity.

Now imagine a perfect natural pool with crystal-clear water, where fish and turtles play tag among coral. These natural aquariums were created when the Loyalty Islands rose up out of the ocean a millennia ago. Cool off from the tropical warmth before heading underground to see the Loyalty Islands' other striking natural feature, its caves. Want to explore?