Manaus Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Manaus

As the capital of the State of Amazonas, Manaus is the financial centre of north Brazil and the hub of the whole Amazon region. It is located on the banks of Negro River near its confluence with the Amazon. Also It is a major port, and a good starting point for river tours.

Manaus is a fascinating city. The city became prosperous by rubber trade during the late 1800s, so it earn its nickname, the "Paris of the Tropics". Many wealthy European families settled in Manaus and brought their love of sophisticated European art, architecture, and culture with them.

Things to see and do

•Teatro Amazonia - the local opera house
•Mercado Adolpho Lisboa market place
•Amazon jungle nature treks
•Amazon river boat trips
•Opera House
•Mercado Municipal
•Love Cascade
•Adventure trips to the rainforest

When you travel in Manaus, you will find this city is pleasant and friendly. Tropical rainforest is the main climate, but rainfall intensity is somewhat seasonal. helped it earn its nickname