Luxor (Safaga) Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Luxor (Safaga)

Located south of Hurghada, Safaga is a town in Egypt, on the coast of the Red Sea.

Safaga is a marine port connected by a regular cruise shuttle service line. Safaga City is considered one of the most important therapeutic tourist centres, as special medical researches have proved the potential of attracting international tourism to Safaga.A holiday in Safaga is mainly about watersports and sightseeing, with little nightlife around, except for some nice beach parties organised by the local divers and surfers. Safaga is also a good starting point for a day trip into the Eastern Desert to check out the granite quarries of Mons Claudianus, or to the sights of Luxor, one of the most impressive sights of Egypt, only 220 km (137 miles) away.

Things to see and do
• Sights of Luxor
• Water sports
• Granite quarries of Mons Claudianus
• Mineral springs

October to April is a wonderful cruise season.