Luderitz (namibia) Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Luderitz (namibia)

This little coastal city was the first German settlement in this southern part of West Africa. Located on the Atlantic coast, Luderitz has a singular solitude and offers a taste of Germany with its charming colonial architecture.

Goerke House
This house features an art-deco style interior with fine stained glass and wood paneling. It sits on top of Diamond Hill offering the best view of the city.

Diaz Point
Along the coastline, south of Luderitz, is Diaz Point that is marked by a big stone cross, which commemorates the Portuguese discovery of the area.

Old Whaling Station

This old station's rusted blubber pots stand strikingly in contrast to the pale sands, much like poetic statues in an art installation.