Klaipeda Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Klaipeda

Klaipeda is Lithuania's third largest city, located in the north-western corner of the country. Originally founded by Baltic tribes, the city and castle was built by the Teutonic Order in 1252 and named Memel in honor of the river of the same name some 40km to the south. For most of its history, Memel was part of Prussia and large battles with Lithuanian lords took place here. Invasions came from Sweden and Russia and the city was part of the Prussian Kingdom and became a prosperous harbor town.

Klaipeda is a windy city with many stormy days per year. In autumn and winter, gales are not unusual. Sea breezes are common from April to September. Snow can fall from October to April and a phenomenon resembling lake-effect snow is frequent. Severe snowstorms can paralyze the city in winter.

Things to do and see

• Lithuanian Sea Museum
• Clock and Watch Museum
• Curonian Spit / Kursiu Nerija National Park
• P. Domšaitis' Gallery