Gothenburg Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Situated on the southwest coast of Sweden. Gothenburg offers everything you would expect to find in a large city: cultural events, historic sights, shopping and amusement. Its newly-completed Opera House is an outstanding architectural and acoustic creation.

Gothenburg has an oceanic climate according to Köppen climate classification. Despite its high northern latitude, temperatures are quite mild throughout the year and much warmer than places in similar latitude, or even somewhat further south, mainly because of the moderating influence of the warm Gulf Stream.

Gothenburg is a popular destination for tourists on the Swedish west-coast, and offers a number of cultural and architectural highlights.

Things to See & Do

•  Skansen Kronan fort
•  Haga district
•  Fish Market
•  Liseberg amusement park
•  Gothenberg Botanical Gardens.