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The Stunning Main Port of Gdansk - Poland

Gdansk, also known as Danzig, is a city in Poland on the Baltic Sea. It is the capital of Pomerania. The city lies on the southern edge of Gdańsk Bay. Gdańsk is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is also historically the largest city of the Kashubian region.

The city was the birthplace of the Solidarity movement which, under the leadership of political activist Lech Wałęsa, played a major role in bringing an end to Communist rule across Central Europe.

Gdansk enjoys a temperate climate, with cold, cloudy, moderate winters and mild summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms. Average temperatures range from -1.0 to 17.2 °C (30 to 63 °F) and rainfall varies from 31.0 mm/month to 84.0 mm/month. In general it is a maritime climate and therefore damp, variable and mild.

Top things to see and do

• Mariacka Street (ulica Mariacka)
• King Arthur's Court (Dwor Artusa)
• Green Gate (Brama Zielona)
• Oliwa Zoo
• Historical churches