Falmouth Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Falmouth

Falmouth was originally a key port for the islands sugar industry. Now this town offfers a glimpse of history with its wooden houses and quaint streets. The historic district has a collection of georgian houses varying from small wooden houses to brick mansions.

Things to do

  • The Good Hill Plantation
  • Luminous Lagoon
  • Martha Brae Rafter’s Village
  • Greenwood Museum
  • Raft rides on the Martha Brae River
  • Albert George shopping and historical centre

Falmouth Jamaica has wonderful weather year round with a daily average of 80 degrees F. This is what makes the island of Jamaica a year round tourist attraction. Even the winter season is warm with comfortable breezes and there is very little rain throughout the year. September is probably the worst time to travel to the island as this is when hurricanes are most likely to rear their ugly heads, if there will be one. The cheapest time of year to visit Falmouth is from mid-April to mid-December where you'll see travel and accommodation rates decrease by up to 60 percent.