Eidfjord Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Eidfjord

Eidfjord is a municipality in the county of Hordaland, Norway. It located approximately 100km east of Norway’s west coast in the Hardanger region. Eidfjord has two townships, Eidfjord and Øvre Eidfjord. Eidfjord is the municipality center situated by Eidfjorden, and is a major cruise harbour.

Eidfjord itself offers glaciers, high mountain plateau, rivers and waterfalls – and of course the breath taking fjord landscapes. In addition there are attractions such as galleries, churches and one of the most modern nature and cultural-historical experience centres in Norway: Hardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord.

Among the main attractions accessible from Eidfjord are the Vøringfossen waterfall, the Sima Power Station (one of Europe's largest hydropower stations) and the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier.

Things to Do in Eidfjord

  • Kjeåsen mountain farm
  • Sima hydroelectric power plant
  • Hæreid – Viking Graves
  • Hardangervidda Naturecentre Eidfjord
  • Gallery Nils Bergslien
  • Vøringfossen waterfall
  • Eidfjord Old Church
  • Skytjefosse