Bali Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Bali

Many of Indonesia’s cruises depart from beautiful Bali, and it’s an extremely popular spot for stopovers on cruises from all over the world. Primarily known for its postcard-perfect beaches, forests, and rice paddies, Bali is an idyllic island paradise that makes for a perfect place to escape to on a cruise. Its weather, culture, and unbelievable scenery are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what makes this Indonesian destination so popular.

Main cruise ships that stop in or depart from Bali

The gorgeous Azamara Journey cruises from Bali, offering guests absolute luxury.

Major cruise lines that offer cruises from Bali

Get a Bali cruise deal with one of these great cruise lines which frequent the region.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the line that goes one step further in terms of luxury with six stars. Every part of your cruise is included for the ultimate experience on board, meaning you get open bars, included WiFi, specialty restaurants and more.

Azamara Club Cruises - Offering two boutique ships, Azamara Club Cruises offers a fusion of unforgettable travel experiences, and the luxury you can expect from an all-inclusive cruise. Life on board is designed to feel like a home away from home - only one where you don’t lift a finger for the cooking, cleaning, or entertaining.

Oceania Cruises - The Oceania cruise line prides itself on being the largest luxury fleet at sea, and focuses on offering premium fare at every restaurant and eatery on board. Another of Oceania’s goals is to travel to the most exotic, desirable locations on the planet, which is exactly why Bali is one of its favoured ports.

Silversea Cruises - On board a Silversea cruise, each stateroom is fitted out like a boutique hotel, 24-room service will ensure you never go hungry, and you’ll always be looking forward to reaching the next incredible destination. This is the first line to introduce all-inclusive fares, and is one of the few that offer shuttle services in Bali.

Seabourn - Seabourn ships travel all over the world, offering luxury and adventure to all corners of the globe. A trip aboard one of these luxurious vessels will typically introduce you to undiscovered gems, as you enjoy the unrivalled service standards only a smaller, more intimate ship can provide.

Destinations - Where can you go on a cruise from Bali?

Cruises from Bali can take you almost anywhere you desire, from local to far-flung destinations:

Australia - Make your way from one island paradise to another as you cruise out of Indonesia and discover the world’s smallest continent. Itineraries will usually include northern hot spots such as Darwin and Cairns, before making their way down the coast to prime city locations such as Brisbane and Sydney.

South Pacific - Take a cruise from Bali to explore the islands of the South Pacific, and get swept away by tropical island life. Say ‘bonjour’ to the French capital of New Caledonia, Noumea and chat with the friendly locals in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Asia - Cruises from Bali often sail north to island hop the ports and cities of Asia. Visit Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, and more when you climb aboard Bali cruises to Asia.

World - Tick off those bucket list destinations one by one as you travel the world on a cruise that passes through Bali. From San Diego to Sri Lanka, Columbia to Colombo, many world cruises include Bali on their itineraries.

Passenger numbers - How many people take cruises from Bali?

More than 11.5 million international visitors cruised to Indonesia in 2016. The majority of those passengers came from China, with 1.43 million arrivals from this up-and-coming cruise market. In 2017, the target number for cruise passengers has been set at 15 million, with further hopes by authorities to raise those figures to 20 million by 2019.

Last year alone, visiting cruise ships made 350 stops in Indonesia. While that number is down on 2015’s effort of 400 stops, cruise passenger numbers increased by 30 per cent in that time from 200,000 to 260,000. In an attempt to further boost visitor numbers for tourism and cruising, the Indonesian government has extended a visa-free policy beyond the initial limits of China, South Korea, Japan, and Russia, inviting 30 additional countries to make the most of the visa-free policy.

Bali is one of the most scenic places on earth, and a fantastic place to start your cruise.

Bali’s port capacity - Where is Bali’s port and what capacity does it offer?

The Port of Bali, Port Benoa, is a relatively new terminal, and one where you will usually be greeted on arrival by Balinese dancers. Some cruise ships are able to pull into the dock, while others will lay anchor in the harbour and tender their passengers to shore. There is also a draft plan in place to build a port large enough to accommodate all ships, in keeping up with rising cruise demand in the region.

Facilities at the Port of Bali

The Port of Benoa is a basic one. The terminal building includes a tourist information centre, a batik (cloth) shop, a massage corner, a currency exchange booth, and a small market. You’ll also be able to find plenty of taxis waiting to take you to the town centre of Denpasar.

How to get to the Port of Bali

The Port of Bali is slightly removed from the main centre of Denpasar, but most locations around the island are easy to get to with a taxi.

Denpasar: It’s uncommon for cruise lines to arrange shuttles from the Port of Benoa, so your best bet is to take a taxi. It’s 12 kilometres between town and the dock, which should cost roughly US$30-40. You may also be able to negotiate a better rate. Note that while there is a bus service between Denpasar and the port, buses do not always run on time.

Denpasar Airport: The Ngurah Rai International Airport is 8 kilometres from the Port of Benoa. This trip takes roughly 20 minutes and will cost US$20-30. Keep in mind that taxi fares here are negotiable.

When is the best time to take cruises from Bali?

At just eight degrees south of the equator, Bali enjoys a tropical climate that creates just two seasons: the wet and the dry. You can expect temperatures to remain in in the high 20s throughout the year, although conditions do vary depending on the season.

  • The rainy season officially lasts from October through to March, with plenty of downpours and high humidity making it the less popular time of year to travel. That said, fewer tourists means attractions are less busy.
  • The dry season runs from April to September. There is still some humidity, but it is far more comfortable.
  • The busiest time of year is from June through September, which is arguably the most desirable time to travel in terms of weather.
  • The shoulder seasons around April and May, and October and November, can also be good times to travel when there are fewer tourists in town, and the weather is not at its peak for rain or humidity.