Alesund Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Alesund

Located north of Bergen and south of Trondheim on Norway’s western coast, Alesund is known for beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. It is rich in salmon, cod and shellfish. Merchants pack and ship the fish around the world by three of the world’s longest sub-sea tunnels.

Cruise ships always arrive in Alesund twice a day as Alesund is a port of call between Bergen, Kingston upon Hull, Newcastle, Hamburg, and Trondheim. Alesund has several daily flights to/from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Copenhagen and three weekly flights to/from Riga . It also has railway line from Andalsnes, passing by Dombas and Dovrebanen, to Lillehammer and Oslo.

Places to visit:

•The Norwegian Centre of Art Nouveau Architecture, Jugendstilsenteret
•Geirangerfjord and Hjorundfjord
•The County art museum
• Mount Aksla

January is the coldest month of the year and averages 1.3 °C. Alesund has a comfortable temperature between -1 °C and 18 °C, the warmest day being in July or August. Wonderful cruise season is February to December.